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We Share in the Responsibility of Upholding the Mission of the Church

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“God’s callings can come to you in many ways-through others, through recognizing your gifts in service and work that make a difference for others, in your sorrows and pain. God comes to dwell within our midst, abiding within us, and God calls each of us to abide within the One Holy Mystery. The call within is God’s sheer graced goodness, a gift of pure love, a boundless power that is our source and destiny.”

- Kathleen A. Cahalan, The Stories We Tell

Pax Christi Councils are a concrete expression of responding to “calls” within our community and beyond. They reach every aspect of community life from a joyful expression of Liturgy, Music, Stewardship, Care and Support, Justice, Lifelong Learning and Formation, Leadership and Communications. Leaders of Pax Christi create authentic welcome, share the Joy of the Gospel, work for Justice, and steward the gifts entrusted to us. Pax Christi Councils build a dynamic vision with the Pastor, staff and community.

Pax Christi's Leadership Structure

Pax Christi's leadership structure consists of ten leadership bodies or Councils. These councils work along side the Pastor and staff to set the direction of Pax Christi. The ten general leadership bodies are:

Community Council ~ Minutes
Arts, Campus, and Gardens Council
Care and Support Council
Finance and Development Council
Hospitality and Community Outreach Council
Justice Council
Lay Leadership Development and Engagement Council
Lifelong Faith Formation Council
Worship Council

Key Points about Pax Christi Council Leadership

  • Our Lay Leadership model is based on Vatican II
  • Pax Christi Councils are focused on mission, vision, core values, and community.
  • We ask that Council members lead through Servant Leadership (Modeled on the Life of Christ)
  • Strongly value collegiality
  • Utilizing consensus decision making
  • ALL ARE WELCOME - the only requirements to become a Council Member are to be a registered member of Pax Christi and to be Baptized
  • Council Members serve a three-year term. Youth Members serve a one-year term.

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Time Commitment:

Attend monthly Leadership Night, third Tuesday of the month, starting at 6:30pm (Community Council start at 5:30pm). The Justice Grants Board sets their own schedule. Details are available through Justice.

CLICK HERE to view the Leadership Nomination Form.

Becoming A Pax Christi Leader

An invitation to discern.


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