What are your talents/passions?

We invite you to share your enthusiasm, faith, and talents to make an impact at Pax Christi and the community.

Whether you are new to Pax Christi OR are ready to try a new ministry, check out two or three areas below that you are interested in and we will get you started.

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Peer ministry, Confirmation retreat leader, mission trip, roles at Mass, council representation, elementary school catechist, nursery help, serving at events

Leader, teamwork, leadership and development, training, speaking, coaching, and collaboration

Gets kids and youth, mentor, teacher, helper, bonfires, s’mores, waterpark, play, coach, trivia nights, retreats, and sports

Likes to plan events and meet people. Enjoys food and fun! Homecoming, Holiday Tea, Summer Music Series, Cana Dinner, & Tree Lighting

Kind, non-judgmental, prayerful, and caring

Photography, writing, video production, artist, and story- telling

Speaks a world language, American Sign Language (ASL), interpreter, and special knowledge of culture, food, and traditions

Loves theatre, drama, stories, flair for acting, writing scripts, creating costumes, actor, director, and community theatre

Cook, bake, events extraordinaire, flower arranger, foodie, friendly, fellowship, party thrower, and welcoming

Encounter, rally, agent of change, public policy, peacemaker, works with people who are economically disadvantaged or marginalized, activist, and environmentalist

Enjoys lots of different things, answers phones, extends welcome, and helps with projects

Carpentry (Habitat for Humanity), sews, knits, quilts, fixes things, electrical, plumbing, power tools, excavation, architecture, landscape, or mechanic

Data, accounting, or finance. Spreadsheets and Excel are your “wheel house”

Sings, plays instruments, songwriter, arranger, makes music, keyboard, and sound/audio work

Gardening, bee-keeping, trail maintenance, trimming, mulching, weeding, environmentalist, and adventure

Organizes, cleans, knows way around kitchen, and gets things done

Loves to pray for others, spiritual, contemplative, compassionate, and faith sharing

Legal advisor, litigator, or experience working with wills, estates, and trustees

Enjoys spending quality time with people, social, good listener, and committed

Prayer, ritual, liturgy, Mass, funerals, weddings, seasonal liturgy celebrations: Our Lady of Good Health, Our Lady of Guadalupe, retreats, labyrinth, bible study, sacraments, weddings, and seeker

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