Quilter Ministry

Meets first, third, and occasional fifth Thursday of each month (except July), 9:00am–4:00pm

Our Purpose is to generate and promote friendship, fellowship, fun and food among Pax Christi women and friends.

Our Mission is to utilize our creativity, donations and knowledge by adapting to one or more service projects per fiscal year that align with the goals of Pax Christi Catholic Community.

Pax Christi Quilters was originally inspired by a single project—the “Jubilate” project -in January 2004. That vision for a single, very large quilt for our community Jubilate celebration in June of 2004 grew to become three very large pictorial banners, seven processional banners, an ambo banner, an altar cloth, two presider stoles and a deacon stole that are now registered as liturgical art pieces and have been included in our community’s “Art Crawl” program.

At the end of the original project, when we gathered to bless with prayer and holy water the products of our efforts, we  realized that we had  accomplished something else. We had be-come “church” - a faith community of women that had become closely connected in friendship and prayer. We had shared fun times, laughter, meals and trips to local quilt shops and restaurants. We extended our “All Are Welcome” policy and invited our community and outside of church community friends to join us.

Over the years, we have made hundreds of quilts that have benefited many. We align our quilt projects with many of the Pax Christi grant recipients  and participate regularly in other requests around other Pax Christi projects as well.

Since then, and still today we meet on the first, third, and occasional fifth Thursday of each month except July (summer break). Our schedule is approximately 9:00am–4:00pm. We start with coffee on arrival and share lovely potluck lunches every time we meet. We currently do not meet in the evening, but we are open to forming an evening group for those who can’t schedule daytime hours. 

Please join us!
Bring a basic knowledge of quilting and enthusiasm for joining a fun group of women who enjoy quilting for a cause!

For further information contact:
Becky Jensen
or email: beckyvjensen@comcast.net

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