Safe Environment - Essential 3

Adult Requirements

All clergy and parish, school and diocesan employees, as well as all volunteers who are in a parish leadership role or have either regular or unsupervised interaction with minors must complete the Safe Environment requirements.

Some examples of church and school volunteers who need the "Essential 3" are: council members, Mass coordinators, catechists, preschool aides, nursery helpers, BeFrienders, and youth group leaders.

TO REGISTER, FIRST CLICK HERE to download a VIRTUS registration guide, then CLICK HERE to complete the Safe Environment requirements. This training is now available completely on-line.

If you would like more information about Safe Environment Requirements, please contact Debbie Hemann, 952-405-7221 or

Youth Safety Curriculum

Below you will find materials to complete the Archdiocesan mandated Youth Safety Training.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Scott Brazil, Director of Faith Formation, at or 952-405-7230.

Teaching Boundaries and Safety Guide for Caring Adults, Parents, and Guardians

Produced by VIRTUS®

Recommended for all age groups

Youth Safety Curriculum Acknowledgement Form

Please use the form below to acknowledge that you have received the links to the materials and that you will take responsibility for ensuring your child(ren) receives the proper safety education by Wednesday, January 31, 2024 

It is VERY important that every family signs the form, as we must report our compliance totals to the Archdiocese each year. 

Click Here to Complete the Youth Safety Curriculum Acknowledgement Form

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