“...through the ministry of the Church, may God grant you pardon and peace…”

This excerpt from the prayer of absolution makes it clear that the whole community has a role to play in celebrating the grace of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Preparation for Reconciliation involves the child, the parents and the community. Sessions coincide with the classroom program day/time options (except for the retreat).

First Reconciliation 2nd Grade and older

Accordingly, the parish provides faith formation for parents whenever a child is preparing to celebrate a sacrament. Active participation on the part of parents is a strong expectation of parish sacramental preparation programs.

2020 Reconciliation Prep
The sacrament preparation process is part of our faith formation programs.  This includes the sacrament of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.  It is our policy that in order to participate in the sacrament preparation process, your child needs to either be registered and regularly attending one of our faith formation programs the entire year of the sacrament, or attending a Catholic school.  Registration for our programs occurs in the late summer through fall and can be found at that time on our web page.  Please contact the program ministers with questions.

Registration for sacramental preparation is done at the same time and on the same form as the regular faith formation session.  CLICK HERE to view registration page.

The specifics of this process will be explained in more detail as we get closer to the date of celebration, taking into consideration the safety of both participants and volunteers and following the safety guidelines of the CDC and the State of Minnesota.

Please call the parish office, 952-941-3150, if you have any questions.

Both the preparation for and the celebration of the sacraments at Pax Christi belong to the whole parish community. By this it is understood that all members of the community have important contributions to make in supporting those in sacramental preparation. This approach also means that the active presence of the community is essential for sacramental celebration.

The sacraments are a gift from God to be shared for the benefit of the individual, the community and the world. All participants involved in sacramental preparation are expected to be members of the parish and registered in one of the ongoing faith formation programs..

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