Ages 4 Years–Grade 3

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Online materials will be available beginning September 12. Look for the link to participate under the live-stream Mass on Saturdays. Along with the Children's Lectionary translation of that week's Gospel, there is an easy to follow instructional sheet is available to guide families through the Gospel and suggested activities.

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) ministry enables children to participate in the Sunday worship experience, to nourish and guide their spiritual growth, and to immerse them in the Word of God in ways that are understandable to them. All children ages 4 years old through 3rd grade are welcome to participate. They enjoy the Word of God on their level, shared prayer, singing, and activities. There is no prior registration or fee for participation. Contact Renee Dignan for more information,




Ages 4 - 5, Pre-School / Kindergarten

Godly Play is a method of spiritual practice exploring the mystery of God’s presence in the lives of the children, utilizing key events of the Old Testament, the parables of Jesus, and the Christmas/Easter events.  In addition, we help the children connect to the liturgical seasons.
At the heart of the Godly Play methodology is the belief that children already have an innate sense of the divine in their lives. What they may lack is the necessary language to express their experiences of God, so the sessions allow for the children to develop their faith vocabulary, both in verbal sharing as well as through creative expression, i.e. artwork, play time, etc.
The preferred experience for this setting is regular, i.e. weekly, in-person, small groups, during which time we will provide a nurturing and safe environment for the children to expand their religious vocabulary and faith. A typical session last for 60 minutes, during which time the children will participate in a presentation of a Biblical story, engage in creative play to help them further develop their faith, and share in a communal meal that somewhat mirrors our experience of gathering around the Eucharistic table.

In addition, a fully at-home curriculum option will be made available for families who are not able to participate in one of our weekly gathering options. This option will include video and material support.

Program Options & Dates:
Sunday Evenings from 5:15-6:15pm
Fall Sessions: 
October 3,10,17, November 7,14,21
Winter Sessions: 
December 5,12,19, January 23,30, February ,13,27
Spring Sessions: 
March 6,13,27, April 3,10

Wednesday Evenings from 6:30-7:30pm
Fall Sessions: 
October 6,13,27, November 3,10,17
Winter Sessions:  
December 1,8,15, January 26, February 2, 16,23
Spring Sessions: 
March 9,16,30, April 6, 13

Family Support:
Weekly family pages will be sent home/e-mailed to support the weekly scripture story and overall lesson, along with links to suggested online videos and supplemental curriculum. Families who opt to engage in the program completely at home will be supplied with activity kits that mirror the crafts and activities the onsite program offers.

Flocknote will be the primary mode of communication for all participants. You will receive these communications via e-mail.

Formation of Groups:
Groups will be formed based on room capacity for social distancing and the number of available catechists.  Godly Play leaders will need to be recruited and trained and will receive a leader guide along with on-going weekly support. 

Adult leaders (2 per group). All families that provide a catechist for one of our programs will receive a full tuition break for the entire family.

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