Care and Support Council


Council Members for 2021-2022

Front Row (left to right):
Anita Lang, Mary Lou Alesso, Mary Boerner, Marge Dubbelde
Back Row (left to right): Lisa Schuette, Jean Thoresen (Director of Care and Support Ministries), Phyllis Bennet, Carolyn von Weiss
Not Pictured: Mary Lillicrap (Chair)

Care and Support Mission

Through acts and words, we respond with a compassionate presence for all those in search of support and belonging.

Care and Support Purpose

The purpose of the Care and Support ministry is to:
• Identify areas of concern in the ministry of pastoral care.
• Find and train ministers who are effective in the skills of meeting the needs of the people of God.
• With knowledge of our baptismal call, we create a safe, nurturing community based on prayer, service, and action.
• As a faith community, we strive to connect people with resources that meet their needs and challenges.

Pax Christi Catholic Community

12100 Pioneer Trail
Eden Prairie, MN 55347


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