Community Council


Council Members for 2019-2020

Top Row (left to right): , Mike Kennedy, Dale Nelson,  Fred Baumer - Chair, Andy Leet, Cindy Schuh, Mike Schneider, Bruce Koehn - Trustee, Mary Frances Messer, Fr. Michael Byron - Pastor  
Bottom Row (left to right): Julie Tyler, Phyllis Olson, Jane Schmitz - Parish Director
Not Pictured: Nicholle Check, Ricardo Ortiz Nava, Dave Putrich, Carolyn Zucker - Trustee

The Community Council is the guiding body of Pax Christi Catholic Community. The role of the Community Council is to facilitate the periodic (typically 5-10 years) formation/revision of Pax Christi’s Vision, to nourish an environment that will encourage achievement of the Vision, and to conduct regular evaluations of its progress. The actions of the Community Council are governed by the Purpose, Mission, Guiding Principles, and Goals of Pax Christi (the Pax Christi Vision). As a tool of the Community, the Community Council's actions are focused on support of the Pastor, Parish Director, and the eight Ministry Councils. The Community Council should view itself in partnership with the Pastor, Parish Director, and Ministry Councils.

The Community Council maintains awareness of and commitment to the fulfillment of Pax Christi’s Vision, as well as facilitating the periodic formation and revision of the Vision. The Community Council evaluates progress toward strategic goals and calls Ministry Council and committees to accountability in fulfilling Pax Christi’s Vision. In addition, the Community Council fosters timely and effective communication between Ministry Councils, staff, and the parish community.


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