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Welcome All to Joyfully Experience the Peace of God’s Love and Mercy


As a community of faith nourished by the Eucharist, we are committed in our discipleship with Christ to act for justice, be of generous service, and authentically welcome all to Pax Christi Catholic Community.


GOD-CENTERED ~ We hold God as the center of our daily lives and provide a place for spiritual rest and rejuvenation.
JUSTICE ~ We advocate for the marginalized and act as catalysts for systemic change.
INCLUSION ~ We build relationships and create an inclusive culture through our attitudes, actions, and activities.
SPIRITUAL GROWTH ~ We engage in a lifelong process of spiritual growth and continually learn how to live out our faith.
STEWARDSHIP ~ We acknowledge our God-given gifts and put them into action as we pray, serve, and share.
LAY LEADERSHIP ~ We co-lead and share in the responsibility of upholding the mission of the church.


A Ministry Council is the guiding body of a Ministry Area. In support of the Vision of Pax Christi Catholic Community, each Ministry Council provides leadership and direction to achieve the vision and plan of its Ministry Area. In collaboration with Pax Christi’s Community Council, the Ministry Council supports the work of its ministry leadership and staff, with an emphasis on partnership and subsidiarity, i.e., decisions being made at the lowest appropriate level within the Ministry Area.

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Community Council ~ Minutes
Arts, Campus, and Gardens Council
Care and Support Council
Communications Council
Finance and Development Council
Hospitality and Community Outreach Council
Justice Council
Lay Leadership Development and Engagement Council
Lifelong Faith Formation Council
Worship Council


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Applications are now being accepted for grants from the Pax Christi Leadership Development Fund. The Fund was created in 2004 to further Pax Christi's mission of welcoming all as leaders in faith for service to the world. The Fund consists of parishioner donations. The purpose of the Leadership Development Fund is to provide funding for Leadership Development activities for Pax Christi Community members and staff, both lay and ordained.

In the past, grants have been available only to leadership council members and staff. This year, the grant process is open to any Pax Christi parishioner.

Details about qualifying activities and the application process can be found at link above.

Proposals are submitted to Maura Schnorbach, Director of Development and Engagement, and are reviewed and awarded by the Lay Leadership Council at Pax Christi.

Questions? Contact Maura Schnorbach, 952-405-7220, or




A parish of over 10,000 members, as Pax Christi is, could not imagine to provide the outreach, the spiritual growth opportunities, the passion for justice, the liturgical experiences, the connections as a faith community without the vibrant women and men who continue to step forward to lead, guide, and listen to where the path of the parish must go. So what does it mean to be a leader at Pax Christi?  CLICK TO READ MORE


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