Truly "Disciples on a Mission"

Author: Patty Hobbs, parishioners
July 10, 2018

I just wanted to share a service project that the Ad Altare Dei group just completed.  Throughout our meetings this fall and winter I have used the "Disciples on a Mission" theme as part of our coursework.

Part of the study for their AAD emblem is to complete a major service project for someone/group who may be suffering from physical, mental or economic challenges.  The boys discussed possible projects, we talked about human dignity and how we can make a difference in the world.  They decided to have a "Sock drive" for kids their age.  We had a deacon from the Catholic Committee on Scouting come and talk about kids going to school in the Minneapolis schools who didn't have socks to wear each day.  The scouts set a goal for 100 pairs of socks.  They presented in front of their troops, posted on neighborhood sites, visited Cub Scout packs, etc.  Young people have a much better feel for using social media to work on projects!  On Sunday, March 4 the scouts took the socks to Caring and Sharing hands.  They lost count with the total number of socks...current estimate is 450 pairs of socks.  (Some of the scouts still have socks being dropped off...we estimate a total of 650 pairs of socks.)  But the scouts didn't stop at socks, they commented they wanted to put a " face  on the socks."  They stayed at Mary's Place and helped open the play area for 2 hours.  Parents who brought the scouts back to Pax all commented the boys were exhausted after the play area time.

This was truly a "Disciples on a Mission" experience.  Although only two scouts (Will Thomas and Jacob Meyer) belong to Pax Christi they all were part of the mission!

I always tell the scouts that service projects are like throwing a rock into a pond, the ripples keep expanding from your work.  The ripples have expanded from this project.  The Cub Scout pack that meets at Pax Christi has asked me to come in and talk to their parents to help establish more service projects for the pack.  Working on service and peace one small step at a time!

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