Author: Dave Putrich, Chair, LLDE Council
February 26, 2020


Q – I hear this word ‘calling’.  What is this about? 

A – On one level, it pertains to one’s professional career: surgeon, priest, engineer, teacher, chef.  At another level, it is God tapping you and me on the shoulder and saying “help your fellow parishioners, bring your talents, join one of the councils, share your gifts, help build community.” 

Q – I’ve been in the parish over 3 years and don’t know many people.  How will I fit in?

A – This is an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with other council members, to work with them and in the process develop a stronger spiritual life.  Our councils operate on a collegial basis and everyone helps others as best we can.  This is building community.  It’s a basic need we all have, to belong.  We each walk on our faith journey with others, helping others, and being helped.

Q – I come to Mass most Sundays but I am not expert on Catholic doctrine.  How can I serve on a council?

 A – What a council needs is your passion, your desire to help others and to work with others.  One of the key concepts from Vatican II is participation.  How can I actively help make God’s kingdom on earth?  It’s about you bringing passion and ideas and perspective to the table.

Q – Why does Pax Christi have so many councils?  Most other parishes have a parish council and a couple of committees.

A – Pax Christi is a large parish, with over 10,000 registered members.  Plus there are very nearly 200 activities of all sorts.  That takes the contributions of a lot of people.  We are called by Vatican II as baptized Catholics to participate, to help others.  The pastor can not carry such a burden on himself.  It takes all of us, each in our own way, each from our gifts, each with our passion and enthusiasm, to build this community.

Q – Why is a term on a council 3 years?

A – There are nine parishioners on a council, with staggered terms; this means that every year, in June, three come off and three come on.  This guarantees that each year new ideas and new perspectives are brought to each council.  These different perspectives are important to the continued life and vitality of the council and the community.  Spiritual and pastoral needs of our community evolve over time.  Councils must be responsive.

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