Fare For All

Upcoming Dates:  On hold during Covid-19

One Tuesday afternoon each month from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Watch calendar for upcoming dates - CLICK HERE.

What is Fare For All?
Fare For All gives people a way to save money on quality, nutritious food. Fare For All began in Minnesota in 1986 as Fare Share, part of a nationwide network of Cooperative Food Purchasing programs. First run locally by Ramsey Action Program, Fare Share was started to encourage volunteerism and stretch food budgets. It first began with twenty host sites and grew to over 200. In 2002 it was taken over by what is now known as The Food Group. The program was revamped in 2007 and launched as Fare For All Express, enabling customers to buy their food packages without ordering and paying in advance. This initiative has resulted in new growth for the program.

What do they do?
Fare For All buys fresh fruits, vegetables, and frozen meat in bulk which saves up to 40% off grocery store prices. Volunteers at the Fare For All warehouse pre-pack the produce and meat into food packages that range in price from $10 – $25. Fare For All works hard to make sure packages contain healthy staples—items like fresh produce and lean meats that are usually most expensive at the grocery store. In addition to sourcing products with nutrition in mind, their staff dietician provides easy recipes and nutrition tips to eat healthy on a budget.

Who is it for?
Fare For All is open to everyone. Because food is purchased in bulk, the more people who participate the better. There is no need to register in advance or fill out any paperwork.

How do I participate?
Fare For All will visit Pax Christi once a month, on a Tuesday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Fare For All accepts cash, credit, debit, and EBT cards. If you would like to be part of the Pax Christi Fare For All team of shared ministers, please contact Joan Howe-Pullis: jhowe-pullis@paxchristi.com.

We hope everyone at Pax Christi will feel welcome to participate in making grocery purchases and opening our doors to the greater community to participate in this great program.

Questions? Contact Joan Howe-Pullis in the parish office, 952-405-7247.

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