Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

Gospel Reading

This Sunday, April 25, 2021

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Gospel John 10:11-18

A reading from the Gospel of Mark.
          (Sign of the cross on forehead, lips and heart)

Jesus said,
            “I am the Good Shepherd.
              The Good Shepherd is even willing to die for the sheep.
              A person who is only hired to watch the sheep,
              and doesn’t own them, runs away when a wolf comes,
              and leaves the sheep to be snatched and scattered by the wolf.
              A person like that is working only for money,
              and doesn’t really care about the sheep.
            “But I am the Good Shepherd.
              God knows me and I know God.
              And in the same way,
              I know my sheep and my sheep know me.
              And I am willing to die for my sheep.
            [“I have other sheep
               who aren’t in this flock yet.
               I must lead them too,
               and they will listen to my voice.
               Then there will be only one flock
               with one shepherd.]
            “God loves me
              because I am willing to die for my sheep.
              No one makes me give up my life;
              I give it up freely.
              I have the power to raise it up again.
             [This is what God commanded me to do.”]

This is the Good News of the Lord.

All: Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!


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