Author: Leo Johnson, Scout Troop 479
September 14, 2020

When was the last time you walked by the Ring of Jordan on the Pax Christi campus? Up until late June, it was very run down with deteriorating benches and wood piles, trash, debris, and completely overgrown with weeds and buckthorn. If you take a look now, you will see that it has been completely renewed. I led the planning and work to restore the area around the fire ring as my Eagle Scout project. We cleared the weeds in the area and planted grass seed. Next, we cleaned out the fire pit and expanded it with pavers. We got rid of the piles of rotting wood and trash. One of the most difficult parts of my project was clearing out brush to create a view to the pond, and it truly is a beautiful view now. This took days of hard labor pulling weeds and buckthorn, hauling debris, and clearing the trails, not to mention repairing the water supply line. 

The fire ring is now the perfect place for youth groups and others to reserve and hold their meetings. I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the beautiful view and use the fire pit.

I have been a member of Pax Christi since I was born and baptized here. I am happy I could do something beneficial for my church. Doing this taught me a lot about teamwork, leadership, and how to organize a big project from start to finish. Successful completion of the project would not be possible without the help of all the volunteers from my troop, my family, and Mr. Ken Reineccius. Finally, as a note to potential donors, because we removed the rotting benches around the fire pit, there is now an opportunity for memorial benches to be donated to this perfect spot.

Pax Christi Catholic Community

12100 Pioneer Trail
Eden Prairie, MN 55347


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