What do you love?

Author: Maura Schnorbach, Director of Development and Enga
October 26, 2020

Poet, activist, and community gardener Ross Gay asked the question, “What do you love?” when he was interviewed by Krista Tippet about justice. He said that justice was about love. The community garden he built with friends provides an abundance of free fruit for the neighborhood. He said that while it wasn’t enough food to eliminate hunger, it did do something else. It created a place of “delight” where people could linger. His reflection reminded me of Pax Christi. It’s a place where people linger and stay long after hospitality ends, savoring each other’s company. It’s a place where friends become extended family. It’s a place of belonging where you can show up and be accepted for who you are. 

We are a community of joyful disciples who share our gifts, recognizing that everything we have is a blessing from God. Children have a place here too. Their joy, laughter, and “delight” are contagious at our many community gatherings.

For seekers, Pax Christi is a place where people can come back home even after being gone for a long time. We welcome all to experience the mercy, healing, and love of the gospel. Our doors are open. 

The strength of our community is big enough to handle heartbreak, grief, and loss. We walk alongside, lifting each other up through prayer. The hardships of the pandemic and “distancing” do not change our commitment to living our values or our commitment to serving each other and helping our neighbors. We imagine new ways to serve. 

Your outpouring of love, hope, and generosity at Pax Christi during our Annual Stewardship Campaign is a beautiful reminder that together we can meet any challenge. It’s the unwavering faith of a community that is deeply committed to answering the call of Christ. We are grateful to everyone who turned in an intention card, or made an online intention. Every gift counts. You make it possible for us to change the world and bring hope. 

We would like to thank everyone who joined our autumn homecoming celebration and scavenger hunt for stewardship. We extend our gratitude to our Hospitality Council and the music ensemble. We also offer a special word of thanks to the Justice Council and Twelve Baskets Ministry for coordinating the food drive for PROP to help our neighbors. We are grateful to our staff and leadership too!

If you read our annual generosity report, you can see the impact of your prayers, service, and financial generosity. It’s like the blessing of a healing ray of sunshine. Your gifts make it possible for us to show up in so many ways. Prayer ministers pray for you and us, and our world. Shared ministers welcome, sing, teach, sew, tend our gardens, feed the hungry, cook, and work for justice. Lay leaders “roll up their sleeves,” steward, and drive our vision together with our pastor, Fr. Mike. We are building a future for our children and grandchildren, centered on Christ with a heart for justice. If you have not made an intention, please make it today. CLICK HERE to make a 2021 intention.


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