All 10-12th grade youth interested in Confirmation and their parents/guardians are invited to the Confirmation Orientation on Wednesday, September 5 at 7:00pm in the Main Worship Space. The Orientation will be recorded and will be made available online for those who are unable to attend.

The sacrament preparation process is part of our faith formation programs. This includes the sacrament of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. It is our policy that in order to participate in the sacrament preparation process, your child needs to either be registered and regularly attending one of our faith formation programs the entire year of the sacrament, or attending a Catholic school. Registration for our programs occurs in the late summer through fall and can be found at that time on our web page. Please contact the program ministers with questions.

Registration for Confirmation is now closed.


Registration FAQs

When does Faith Formation begin? What are other important Confirmation dates?

A schedule for Pax Christi's year-long Confirmation schedule will be posted by September 1.


How do I submit a baptismal certificate from another parish?

1) Know the Requirements:

Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation and can only be administered to individuals who have received Christian baptism. Evidence of the baptism must be provided in the form of a baptismal certificate in accordance with canon law. All Catholic parishes are required to keep record of baptisms. An original of the baptismal certificate must be submitted within six months of confirmation. Photo copies of baptismal certificates will not be accepted. The original copy of the certificate must be sent from the parish of baptism and include the signature of the current pastor and the seal of the parish. If the baptismal certificate requirement is not met, we are unable to allow you to be confirmed.

2) Contact the Parish of Baptism:

Contact the parish where the baptism took place and request that the copy be sent to you or directly to Pax Christi RE: Confirmation Coordinator. If the parish of baptism no longer exists (it was closed, or merged with another parish) the sacramental records still exist, they just need to be tracked down. Contact the diocese where the parish was and ask for the needed information to find the sacramental records.

3) Send the Baptismal Certificate to Pax Christi:

Once you have requested the baptismal certificate, mail it or drop it off to Pax Christi, RE: Confirmation Coordinator (12100 Pioneer Trail, Eden Prairie, MN 55347).

4) Confirm receipt of the Certificate:

Contact the Confirmation Coordinator to make sure the baptismal certificate was received.


The form says I need to pick a Confirmation sponsor. What does that mean?

Sponsors play a special role in the journey of a Confirmation candidate. Their relationship to the candidate is very similar to that of a godparent at baptism. The sponsor's ultimate responsibility is to make sure the candidate is prepared to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Sponsors and candidates are encouraged to remain in regular conversation during the preparation process, whether on the phone or face-to-face to talk through matters of faith and life. We will provide sponsors and candidates with conversation suggestions, as well as a book to read together. Sponsors attend the Confirmation Rehearsal at 7:30pm on Wednesday, April 24; the Rite of Sending on Sunday, April 28 at 5:00pm; and the Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation on Monday, April 29. More guidance on choosing a sponsor will be given at Orientation.

What is the role of parents/guardians during the Confirmation process?

Parents/guardians play a special role in the process of preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. Often it is because of a parent/guardian's encouragement that a young person will choose to prepare for Confirmation in the first place. While parents/guardians are not allowed to be the sponsor to their own children, they are able to support the process in numerous ways. We ask that all parents/guardians assist with at least one of the following roles:

    • Sponsor: see role description above.

    Conversation Group Leader: Much of the Confirmation preparation process takes place online, but the real learning occurs when candidates are given the chance to talk about what they studied together as a group. Conversation Groups are small discussion groups facilitated by a leader. Group leaders use a written guide to facilitate a conversation based on the online lessons candidates study. Groups meet in the spring season (January to April) during our regularly schedule Faith Formation sessions (Wednesday, 6:30-7:45pm; Sunday, 3:30-4:45pm or 6:30-7:45pm), or at a mutually agreed-upon time.

    Faith Formation Leader: join the faith formation team in one of the following ways:


    • FIC Leader: Share your passions and interests with teens! Develop and lead a Faith Interest Connector with the assistance of an FIC Teaching Partner and Jessie Johnson. See the Sr. High faith formation website for details.

    • FIC Teaching Partner: Work with an FIC Leader to develop a Faith Interest Connector and incorporate faith formation into daily life.

    • Service Project Chaperon: Each FIC group participates in service projects throughout the year. Chaperons and drivers are needed in order for these projects to take effect.

    • CAP Team/FIC Classroom Help: Consistent Adult Presence Team. Members of the CAP Team assist where adult presence is needed, in particular faith formation, youth events, and confirmation retreats. CAP Team members do not have any teaching responsibility. Their main role is to provide loving support, hospitality, and welcome to youth in the program.

    Retreat Team: We offer three separate date options for our confirmation retreat and we need adult presence in multiple areas in order for the retreat to occur. The retreat runs from 6:30–10:00pm on Friday and 10:00am–6:30pm on Saturday.

    • Small Group Leader:  facilitate discussion and activities with a group of five to six candidates. Training is required.

    • Kitchen Help: Take care of all food/kitchen needs throughout the retreat. Previous experience in the Pax Christi kitchen helps!

    • Chaperon (CAP TEAM): Be a warm, hospitable presence to candidates, and assist as needed.

This Confirmation page will be updated throughout the year. Watch for more information on conversation groups, online learning, and the retreats in the near future. Please contact Jessie Johnson (952-405-7210 or, with questions.

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