Arts, Campus, and Gardens Council

Council Members for 2017-2018

Top Row (left to right): Mark Lanners, Ken Reineccius - Director of Operations, Dave Franzen

Bottom Row (left to right): Dave Schacht, Jodi Ramirez, Jeff Schuh - Chair

Not Pictured: Emily Bruner, Dione DeMartelaere, Steven Olinger, Maureen Olofson

Arts, Campus, and Gardens Council Mission

The mission of the Arts, Campus, and Gardens Council is to create and maintain an environment that encourages the Pax Christi Community to flourish and grow.

Arts, Campus, and Gardens Council Purpose

The purpose of the Arts, Campus, and Gardens Council is to:

  1. Recognize the importance of creating a nurturing environment that best serves our diverse community, drawing all together.
  2. Provide leadership and guidance to the ministry councils of Pax Christi, working to accommodate all their mission and vision as it relates to the use of the facilities and grounds.
  3. Promote the wise stewardship of our physical assets using our resources in a way that respects our environment.
  4. Encourage prudent and responsible shared usage of our facilities.
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