Jesse Tree Online - Advent 2014

The Jesse Tree is an old Advent tradition that traces the lineage of Jesus through various stories and characters presented in the Hebrew scriptures. You might think of it as an ancient "family tree" that begins with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Patriarchs - or Fathers of our Judeo-Christian faith. The Jesse Tree is an interactive Advent reflection piece suitable for any household. The young, and old, individuals and families will find joy in the preparing their hearts for the "shoot of Jesse" whose love blossoms in our hearts at Christmas.

You may choose to interact with the Pax Christi Jesse Tree in a couple of different ways:

1) Follow our "virtual tree": - each day during Advent (November 20-December 24) and on Christmas Day to discover a newly blossomed "bud." This bud is a link to a reflection writen by Pax Chrsiti staff on the genealogy of Christ and the stories from scripture that point to the coming Messiah that we celebrate at Christmas. Each new daily "bud" comes with a biblical story, an ornament bearing a symbol of the story, and a reflection.

2) Build your own Jesse Tree at home: The reflections for each day include printable versions of the Jesse Tree ornament. You may print it in full color or color in the black and white version. Cut out the ornament, tie a piece of yarn to it and hang it on your own tree. See the instructions below to make your own Jesse Tree, or add the ornaments to your family Christmas Tree..

Instructions to Make a Jesse Tree:


Materials Needed
• tree branch with many smaller branches
• bucket or coffee can
• gravel/sand/rocks
• hole punch
• yarn
• scissors
• Pax Christi Jesse Tree Ornaments
• bible

1. Place the branch in the bucket and fill in around it with sand or gravel so that it is
able to stand on it's own.

2. Visit this page each day to receive a new Jesse Tree ornament and reflection.

3. Print out the ornament. Color it in if you so choose, or print the full color version.

4. Punch a hole in the end of the ornament.

5. Cut a short length of yarn, run it through the hole, and tie a loop so as to
hang the ornament from the branch.

6. As a household, read the scripture and reflections.

7. Pray for any intentions your household may have.