Updates for 2020-2021 Program Year

Thank you for your patience during this time period.  We want to provide you with some more specific information regarding the upcoming program year:

Online registration will be up and running no later than July 15.  We are very appreciative of the feedback we received via the online survey – over 120 people responded.  By and large, the results indicated that families would be supportive of going to an online format this year, at least to start.  We are fully aware, however, that too much screen time can have negative results, so we will do our best to ensure that the online content is meaningful and worthwhile and that it is supplemented with formational opportunities that do not require using a screen (service opportunities, reading the Bible, etc.).

Pricing for the year is as follows:
One Child: $65.00
Two Children: $130.00
Three of More Children: $195.00

We did try to discount the pricing for families.  Though we are not meeting on-site to start, there are still costs associated with obtaining the text materials, the software we are using to create the online learning materials, etc.  Also, once we feel comfortable having gatherings at Pax Christi, we will try to do so, which also has costs associated with it for materials. 

In addition, if you asked for us to contact you directly in response to a question, the faith formation team member who coordinates that program will do so by July 15.

The sacraments that were to be celebrated in Spring 2020 are scheduled to be celebrated in Fall 2020.  The plan we have worked out with Fr. Mike is to celebrate First Eucharist over four consecutive Saturdays in September, and Confirmation over four consecutive Saturdays in October.  The celebrations will take place during the 5:00pm live stream, which will allow for our greater parish community to participate and experience these celebrations as well.  By breaking the celebrations up into four groups each, we will be able to ensure that we are in compliance with safe social distancing practices.  Renee Dignan (Eucharist) or Jessie Johnson (Confirmation) will be in contact with your families by July 15 with more concrete details.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.  Thank you.

Peace in Christ,

Debbie Hemann – Faith Formation Administrative Assistant
Renee Dignan – Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator
Evan Bierer – Middle School Faith Formation Coordinator
Jessie Johnson – High School Faith Formation Coordinator
Scott Brazil – Director of Faith Formation

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